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7zTM 2.1.1 Hotfix, a special version for 7-Zip 9.23 alpha, is available in the download area.

What is this all about?

Many users of the excellent file archiver 7-Zip criticized its nostalgic appearance. That's exactly where my program "7-Zip Theme Manager", in short "7zTM", comes in and offers the following features:


  • Toolbar Themes - change the look of the toolbar of 7-Zip
  • Filetype Themes - change the look of archived files, for instance in Explorer
  • 90 Toolbar Themes and 22 Filetype Themes integrated
  • changing the SFX-icon (self-extracting archive) is now possible - see FAQ #5


  • automatic or manual search of the 7-Zip installation folder
  • convenient activation of the Themes with just a click
  • Themes previews integrated directly into the program
  • multi-lingual user interface
  • online update for up to date Themes and features - see FAQ #6
  • possibility to create your own Themes
  • supports 7-Zip 32-Bit and 64-Bit


0, Nichts, Nada, Niente, Nothing, Rien, Tipota, 12-3x4


See FAQ #1.


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Bild "German:7ztm_preview_2.jpg"