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  1. I've got a problem/request/proposal/praise/critique.
    • I'm approachable under mk3ll3r(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll make an effort to respond to all e-Mails.

  2. What requirements do I need?
    • Windows XP or higher
    • 7-Zip: version 4.65 or higher
    • administrator privileges

  3. How do these "Themes" work?
    • The icons are replaced directly inside the 7-Zip files. Till 7zTM 2.0 the program Resource Hacker was used to achive this but starting with 2.1 it was replaced by Anolis Resourcer. At this place i want to thank the authors of both programs for their great work.

  4. Why do I need administrator privileges?
    • The aforementioned procedure requires them for security reasons.

  5. What about changing the SFX-icon?
    • It's about the standard icon which 7-Zip uses for SFX-archives (self-extracting archives). Since 7zTM 2.0 it can be replaced via a button in the main menu, so that it will be used for all future archives.

      Caution: Please choose only real *.ico*-files. 7zTM does not check the file for suitability (except the file extension). The selection of a regular image file (e.g. ".jpg") that has been renamed to *.ico* can damage 7-Zip.

  6. What is the online update / Why is 7zTM trying to connect to the internet?
    • On startup 7zTM searches for new versions. Thereby the current version number gets downloaded (text file) and it gets compared to the own one. If a new version of 7zTM is available the update button becomes green.

      No personal information gets transmitted during the update process.

  7. Why is the background of my Toolbar Themes black instead of transparent?
    • This bug mostly occurs in conjunction with the nVidia GeForce drivers. Unfortunately we are not aware of a solution. As a workaroung you can reduce the hardware acceleration via the display properties or the graphic card driver.

  8. Under which license are the Themes put?
    • All Toolbar-and Filetype-Themes included in 7zTM are either licensed under free licenses or we obtained the autor's permission in case of doubt.

      If, in spite of a careful consideration from us, one of the Toolbar- and Filetype-Icons is licensed under a different license than the one specified in the program then please send us a message and we will initiate subsequent measures.